Liability Insurance

NMRA Insurance

The question of how our liability insurance works (available only in the USA and Canada) and how the NMRA's 100% Clubs, SIGs, Divisions, and Regions can take full advantage of its protection has recently become a raging discussion. As understanding of the workings of the program has spread, several Divisions have rewritten their Bylaws and many individuals have taken a new look at how layout tours are set up and run.

The NMRA hopes to clarify some of the insurance issues with the information included on this page. Explanations of the program, opinions from the General Counsel, applications, and waivers for non-member layouts are available to help make the insurance program work for each NMRA entity.

Please read carefully the following explanations of our insurance program. Then, if you have questions, even small ones, please do not hesitate to ask them of the National Staff. Your questions could save you from inadvertent liability issues and possible personal exposure in case of an accident. Please send all questions to the Headquarters staff (nmracao [at] and they will either answer your question directly or forward it to the appropriate person for a response.