Membership Application and Renewal

Join the NMRA and enjoy the many benefits of membership. Please review the information below before completing your membership application. (NOTE: You may select 1 or 2 years for either new or renewal memberships at the final checkout page on the NMRA Company Store after entering in the requested information. Select the QTY field and change as needed, then click on the UPDATE button to recalculate the amount due.)

Want to "test drive" the NMRA for a little while?

Sign up for our 9-month Rail Pass trial membership for only $19.95! This Includes 9 months of the Digital NMRA Magazine.

The Rail Pass offer is good in the U.S. only and is for new members and those who have not been NMRA members for two years or more. Individuals can join at the Rail Pass rate only once. Rail Pass members can attend conventions and participate in contests, but cannot hold office or vote in NMRA events. Membership will renew at the regular membership rate.

Classes of NMRA Membership

Member (with Magazine Subscription) - as of 4/1/2022
All Rights and Benefits; Includes the printed NMRA Magazine and digital access.
Cost - $92.00 (US) per year, 2 years for $184.00 (US)

Member (No Print Subscription) - as of 4/1/2022
All Rights and Benefits; Does include the Digital NMRA Magazine access.
Cost - $68.00 (US) per year, 2 years for $136.00 (US)

Family Member
The spouse or minor child of above member in good standing. Family Members have no vote and cannot hold an office at any level of the NMRA, and do not receive NMRA Magazine. Family Members receive their own annual renewal notice and membership card.
Provide Family Member's name and date of birth in the comments box.
Cost - $10.00 (US) per year per family member.

NOTE: If you are a new NMRA Member, please complete the Member application for yourself as a Member first. Then complete a separate Member application for each family Member. If you are a current NMRA Member adding a family membership, please complete the Member application for the Family Member and note in the "Special Interests, Prototype & Modeling" section of the application your NMRA Member Number and Name for the Family Member to be Linked.

Student Member
Any person 18 yrs and under or student between the ages of 19 - 25 yrs possessing valid student ID. All Rights and Benefits and the Digital NMRA Magazine. (date of birth mandatory on the application).
Cost $40.00 (US) per year.

Sustaining Member
Mandatory for all group memberships such as Clubs, Associations, Corporations or other Businesses. Sustaining membership includes all the rights and privileges of membership including the NMRA Magazine. The NMRA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization and your professional association as a sustaining member is tax deductible. Any individual may also support the NMRA as a sustaining member in which ½ the cost of membership is eligible as a tax-deductible donation.
Cost - $120.00 (US) per year.

International Memberships

Notice: Under the Dues structure, Canada, United Kingdom (including Europe now), and Australia/New Zealand residents must contact their region for membership to the NMRA.

NMRA Canada

  • Canadians must remit dues to NMRA Canada using a different form than the US form.
  • Contact: registrar [at]

Australasian Region

  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Contact: membership [at] (Al Harris)

British Region


  • England, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland and Wales
  • All other countries not mentioned above (Original European Region)
  • Contact form

Other International Countries

Any prospective member from a country other than the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand should join via the British Region website.


U.S. Membership

Allow 2-4 weeks for your application to be processed and to receive your NMRA membership card. If you selected a membership that includes the NMRA Magazine, it will take 2 monthly issues to integrate your name into the publication mailing list due to publication lead times. Therefore, your first issue of the magazine should appear in approximately 6 weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact our Administrative Department.