NMRA Partnership Program

The NMRA Partnership Program is a member benefit that truly has a tangible payback. We've partnered with model railroad manufacturers of all sizes, giving them exposure on our website in return for receiving generous discounts for NMRA members all year long. Some provide members with special codes, others prefer a phone or email order, but all appreciate the additional business from our members. And of course, our members appreciate the extra savings...savings that can actually pay the cost of NMRA membership!
To join the Partnership Program as a manufacturer or vendor, please contact us at marketing [at] nmra.org

Bespoke Rail

At Bespoke Rail, our mission is to honor the legacy and the beauty of classic North American railroad logos and artwork by creating and curating high-quality products that capture the spirit of the golden age of railroading. The logos and artwork of these once-iconic transportation companies represent a rich legacy of workmanship and design, and we strive to preserve and celebrate this heritage through our products. 

Our commitment to quality is reflected in every item we offer, which is designed and crafted with the same care and attention to detail as the logos and artwork that inspire us. We believe that our products should not only evoke the nostalgia and romance of railroading's past - but that they also embody the enduring values of quality, class, and durability that were once the hallmarks of the industry.

Alongside our customers, we seek to foster a community of railway enthusiasts who share a mutual appreciation for the beauty and style of classic railroad art and typeface. Through our products, we aim to inspire and educate others about the significance of this rich cultural heritage and to encourage a renewed appreciation for the craftsmanship and design that defined the golden era of American railroading.

NMRA Members will receive a 10% discount on all products from now until January 31, 2024.

CatzPaw Innovations

This company designs and 3D prints scale model accessories in virtually any scale for model railroads and other hobbies. 

NMRA members receive a 10% discount on all items not already on sale.

CB Train Junction

At CB Train Junction, they're committed to offering an enjoyable experience, and offer products in Z, N, HO, O, and S . This includes a unique environment (CB also has a brick-and-mortar shop in Colonial Beach, VA.), quality products, great service, and a great learning experience. Owner, Mike Byle, has been a train enthusiast his whole life. He was born into a family where his father and grandfather worked on the railroad. He worked on the railroad as a college student and later professionally as a civil engineer designing railroad bridges and track. He has been involved in model railroading all of his life.  He is a published author on railroad modeling and an active member of the National Model Railroad Association, and the National Association of S-Gaugers, and has won modeling awards at local and national competitions.  He opened the physical shop so that he could share his passion with others, relating the history of railroading and model railroading and providing memorabilia and supplies for those who enjoy trains whether model train enthusiasts or just having a casual interest.  He restores and repairs classic toy trains and accessories to bring them back to life and creates custom unique models.

NMRA Members receive a 10% discount on all in-stock regularly priced merchandise.  A 10% discount will also be provided for open stock special ordered items with prepayment.

Clever Models LLC

Since 2004 Clever Models LLC has been producing kits of various types of railroad structures made completely from cardstock. The "basic process" of paper modeling is to cut out the pieces of the kit, fold them into 3D shapes, glue them, and then apply "layers" for more detail. It's the advent of computer modeling and graphics that make paper modeling such an economical and accessible technology. Originally offered as DVDs (still sold at shows), sales have been moved to immediate downloads directly to home computers. Offered in O, S, HO, and N scales, kits are easy to assemble and can also be easily and economically kitbashed into an unlimited number of variations. 

NMRA Members receive a 25% discount on all orders.

CMR Products LLC

CMR Products Inc. is a family run Model Railroad Hobby Store. They provide a 10% discount on all lines they sell on their website and at vendor shows. The discount also applies to custom projects such as custom waterslide decals and custom direct-to-car printing. 

Coastmans Scenic Products

Model fir trees have been the mainstay at Coastman's Scenic Products since 2010. Roger makes his trees from scratch with real wooden trunks and his own formula for the foliage. This combo affords a unique presentation that is representative of taller, older trees that dominated the west coast in earlier times.  Both kits and ready-made trees are available, plus many other scenery items such as Hollow Logs and Bird's Nests. CSP now offers 3-D printed kits for industrial structures such as Sawdust Burners, Conveyor Belts, as well as alloy castings for automotive parts, and other industrial scenery items.  Looking for something truly different? You'll find it at CSP! 

NMRA Members receive 10% off all orders.

Composite Designs, Inc.

Composite Designs is a manufacturer of Craftsman style laser-cut detail and structure kits, along with 3D printed detail parts in O, HO, and N Scales.  They strive to provide good detail and clear instructions to make the assembly both rewarding and enjoyable for everyone. 

NMRA Members receive 10% off all orders.

Conowingo Models

Conowingo Models, located in Conowingo, MD, offers a great variety of structures and rolling stock craftsman kits constructed mainly out of wood. Owner Chris Coarse strives to make unusual kits. He pays attention to often neglected areas of buildings, such as roofing structures and foundations. Conowingo kits are designed to encourage creativity and keep costs down. You won't find a ton of castings, etc. in the kits in order to encourage that creativity. 

NMRA Members receive 10% off all products manufactured by Conowingo Models.

Cowcatcher Magazine

Cowcatcher Magazine, published bi-monthly by Ballpark Impressions, LLC, combines model railroad and prototype railroad news in one print magazine. For 20 years, we have taken our readers inside the model and prototype railroad industries with compelling articles on current trends, personalities, products, and layouts, Class Is and short lines, heritage, and more. All are professionally written and edited by accomplished journalists and contributors who share the same passion for railroading and model railroading.

NMRA members are eligible for an introductory 10% discount on the price of a six-issue subscription. Included free is our monthly e-newsletter, Cowcatcher Tracks. 

Daylight Sales (Merchandise)

Daylight Sales offers the largest selection of railroad clothing and gifts in the country, including NMRA and NMRAx branded items! They proudly supply many of the nation's museums, tourist railroads, hobby and gift shops. You may have already seen our bold designs or even have purchased them. The possibility exists to use Daylight Sales for all of a Region and/or Division as the sole supplier of their merchandise. The NMRAx currently has a custom contract with Daylight Sales and similar agreements can be made at the local level. Contact Luis at Daylight Sales for details. Daylight Sales would be ideal for one-stop shopping for all Region or Division branded items. 

A word about Daylight Sales...

We started our company out of a love of trains back in 1992 to supply one museum in Northern California. Since then, we have grown into a leading supplier to railroad museums, tourist railroads, hobby and gift shops worldwide. We are expanding our facilities for the third time (and hopefully last) to enable our continued growth and pledge to keep you, our loyal customer, clothed with the finest designs on the market. We're still a family-run operation, and we pride ourselves on getting your orders shipped quickly and completely. We welcome your feedback and look forward to meeting you at our showroom or a railroad event someday. If you like what we offer, please do us the greatest favor in the world - tell a friend! Thank you!

Deepwoods Software

Deepwoods Software started back in 1993 as the part-time side business of Robert Heller, who was working at the Computer Vision Research Laboratory
three days a week. Robert likes to write programs and wanted to do something other than just work for someone else at a 9-to-5, 40-hour-a-week sort of job
for the rest of his life (how boring, yawn...|), so Robert has been writing programs in his computer shed, some for himself (several of which are
available for sale or as free downloads as Deepwoods Software's products) and some for other people (have to pay the bills somehow).

Model Railroad System offers support to operate your railroad, signals, and switches, various networks (including open LCB), a Freight Car Forwarder, and a Time Table Program that can be customized with logos, route maps, and rulebook text.


NMRA Members receive 10% off all products.

Deluxe Materials

Deluxe Materials is a British company offering an extensive product line of hobby adhesives, tools, scenery, and other building materials for all scales. They also have a comprehensive product line for dollhouses, R/C, plastic aircraft, military, ship, and car kit modelers. Catalogs are available including a newly released catalog specific to N scale. 

NMRA members receive a 10% discount for web-only orders by special arrangement with Walthers. (walthers.com)

Diorama Hobbies

Welcome to Diorama Hobbies, your go-to destination for meticulously crafted and hard-to-find items. If you're a diorama craftsman seeking to elevate your scenes to the next level, you've come to the right place.

As a fellow hobbyist, Brandon Orth, the owner, understands the struggle of finding high-quality diorama details. Many manufacturers offer products that don't quite match the scale or lack the realism we need. At Diorama Hobbies, we bridge that gap by providing the fine details that railroad layouts and diorama enthusiasts never knew they needed.

Our collection is carefully curated to meet the demands of discerning craftsmen like yourself. Whether you're seeking intricate accessories, realistic miniature scenes, or scale-specific elements, Diorama Hobbies has you covered. Stock up on their high-fidelity details and unlock endless possibilities for your creative endeavors.

Experience the difference that exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail can make. 


10% off for NMRA members who spend $50 or more and free shipping on orders over $35.

Diorama Hobbies Storehttps://dioramahobbies.com/

10% off for NMRA members who spend $50 or more and free shipping on orders over $50

Dwarvin Enterprises, Ltd.

Dwarvin is focused on providing Lighting without Wiring solutions to customers. It was started due to frustration with wiring up LED's. Instead, they adopted fiber optics as their medium for providing reliable and simple lighting installations.  They have focused on lighting buildings, providing street lamps, railroad crossings, block signals, and signal lamps in a range of scales from N to O Gauge. Dwarvin is a family-based company, manufacturing all of our products within the USA, with a high commitment to customer satisfaction.

NMRA Members receive 10% off all orders.

East Coast Circuits

East Coast Circuits was created to provide unique, simple lighting effects circuits to the model railroad community.  All circuits are designed with add-on capability to let the modeler personalize each circuit as desired. The circuits are compatible with most scales. Available are lighted emergency vehicles, circuits for traffic lights, transmission towers, and random structure lighting among others. Custom circuits can also be ordered. 

Enterprise and National Car Rental Services

NMRA Members will receive a 5% discount on car rental rates when they book through Enterprise or National Car Rentals. This can be used for both business and personal travel. 

Evan Designs

Since 1997, Evan Designs has developed unique, highly efficient software for modelers that is both user-friendly and effective. Around 2006, they shifted their focus to tiny and miniature LED lights for various applications in fun, entertaining hobbies. Their customer value-driven philosophy is to provide the best shopping experience through their online store and extend it to each customer by offering a premium selection of LEDs for Model Trains, Plastic Model Kits, Diecast Firetruck & Police Cars, and much, much more. Evan Designs' in-house product development and thorough testing allow them to continuously improve upon their products while forming great customer relationships. Whether you're ordering model train lights, building lights, or other LED hobby lights, their products all come with a two-year guarantee to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction.

NMRA Members receive 18% off all orders. 

Feight Studios

Feight Studios has been publishing award-winning aviation art and prints for over 25 years but also has many railroad art prints available. There are also opportunities to commission a painting or prints. Call or email for more details - (303) 483-1793 or email at don [at] feightstudios.com

NMRA Members receive 20% off all railroad prints.

Fusion Scale Graphics

Fusion Scale Graphics uses the greatest design tool on the market today, Adobe Illustrator. All of their graphics are 100% vector graphics, that's right, no images are used at all. They draw all graphics by hand here in our shop to ensure all of their decals will print clean and crisply each and every time; no matter what scale you need. Fusion Scale Graphics uses today's latest and greatest printing equipment. This allows them to print not only color but WHITE. Yes, you read that correctly, they can print white. They also print at a stunning 1200 dpi, that's 1200 little dots of ink in one single inch. This allows them to print a beautiful array of colors, gradients, fine graphics, and lettering down to just under half a millimeter. Fusion Scale Graphics offers a growing selection of hobby decals. They know the need for new decals will never stop, so if you have ideas, you can visit their website at https://fsdecals.com/ and suggest them.

NMRA Members receive 10% off all Waterslide Graphics.


Gatorfoam is a unique, strong, laminated panel with a core of extruded polystyrene and a face made of resin-impregnated wood fiber veneer (Luxell). It is an interior and exterior panel and is great for model usage. It can be cut with a variety of woodworking tools, Xacto, or matt knives.  It accepts all types of glues, paints, and stains (without warping) and comes in various thicknesses and sizes (up to 5' x 10' sheets).

NMRA members receive a 10% discount.

Great Decals!

Great Decals located in Fairfax, VA, specializes in multi-scale decals for mostly eastern and southeastern railroads such as Virginian, RF&P, W&OD, FEC among others. The company also sells a large variety of decals from other manufacturers. Orders are taken by e-mail or by US Mail.

NMRA members receive a 10% discount on all orders.

Green Frog Productions

Producer of hundreds of prototype railroading videos in both DVD and BluRay formats.

Highways and Byways Model Railroad Graphics

Highways and Byways Model Railroad Graphics manufacture roadway graphics that are made from precision-cut vinyl, designed to improve the look of modeled roadways. Easier and more durable than dry transfers or waterslide decals, their easy-to-use peel-and-stick graphics are cut to scale length, and width and are available in both HO and N scale. Other scales are available by special request. Their graphics can be weathered using a wash of India ink diluted into rubbing alcohol or by using dry brushed paint. Products are available in either full sets, such as our Roadway Graphics Package, or as individual sheets, depending on your specific needs. They also offer a Retail Parking Lot Set that includes a variety of parking graphics, including handicap graphics.

NMRA Members get a 10% discount on all products.

Hot Wire Foam Factory

Manufacturers of USA-made professional foam cutting tools including hot wire cutters, hot knives, foam cutting machines, a freehand router, a foam engraving tool even foam cutting tables. The company also sells related materials such as spray and brush-on foam glues and protective foam coatings.

NMRA Members receive a 10% discount on any product line item.

ITLA Scale Models

"ITLA" stands for Imagine That Laser Art. In business since 2008, ITLA  Scale Models has continued to provide its customers with the best in unique, precision laser-cut wood model kits. Bringing precision laser cut scale model kits to a worldwide customer base, their "3D" laser etched and cut wood materials represent masonry, steel, and concrete when painted using basic techniques. 

"Configurable by Design" Many of their structure kits are engineered to offer you the opportunity to build the model in a variety of "footprints" and varying wall combinations. Some kits can be built in as many as 15 different wall combinations, from background "Flat" to "Shallow Relief" formats, in addition to the Full Walled structure. 

We love that "old downtown city" and "back alley" gritty architectural look that you can still find across North America today. The connection to a railway enabled many of these small towns and cities to prosper. Our tagline "Where the City Meets the Railway" represents this theme. Unique details, quality, precise & repeatable fit, ease of paint, and modular assembly are ITLA's hallmarks. Above all, they stand behind their product and want you to have an enjoyable build experience. If you break a part through normal handling, they'll replace it for you!  

ITLA will provide 10% off every regular-priced order of $50+ and free shipping on orders over $199. (Offer not valid at in-person show events.)

K.I.S.S. Method Inc.

K.I.S.S. Method Inc. is a manufacturer of Track Planning Tools and Super-V Cradles. Track Planning Tools are scaled templates for designing O, HO, and N scale layouts. Sets contain 3 scaled rulers, turnout tools for #4, 4.5, 5, 6, 7, and 8 frog angles, and also include 19 complete "Circles" and "Holes" for drawing curves, all marked in all three scales. Tangent Alignment tools provide automatic off-sets for easements in and out of curves. A handy Easement Tool provides smooth easements every time. Track Planning Tools are available in Clear or "Screaming" Transparent Yellow for improved visibility. Although very intuitive without a learning curve, a DVD is available demonstrating how the tools are used.  V-shaped Super-V Cradles gently hold locomotives or rolling stock at the workbench. They are available sized for Z/N or HO/S scale, Super-V MAXI Cradles for S/O scale, and Super-V G Cradles for F/G scale.

NMRA Members receive a 15% discount on all orders.

LaBelle Woodworking Co.

LaBelle Woodworking Company is one of the oldest companies still offering wooden model railroad kits and new kits will be coming out every few weeks. The Company dates back to 1947 and originated in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. The first review of our passenger cars appeared in Model Railroader in January of 1960. LaBelle moved from Oconomowoc to Watertown to Fairchild, all in Wisconsin. The company was then moved to Pendleton, Indiana. We continue producing kits today in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

NMRA Members receive a total of 20% off on kits.

LARC Products

Producers of full custom-sized backdrop graphics and railroad graphics CDs. Hundreds of scenes are available.

Members receive 10% off all orders.

Logic Rail Technologies

Producer of sophisticated electronics for model railroads, including signaling products and fast clocks.

NMRA members receive a 10% discount on all orders, except for signals, which are already discounted.

MAC Rail


MAC Rail was started to provide quality products ready to use for the modern model railroader. As a modeler himself and owner of the Michigan Interstate St. Clair Subdivision, each product is designed with not only the modeler but the operator in mind.

Starting out with 3D-printed HO-scale end-of-train devices that are removable for model railroaders, they now offer lots of products to help bring another layer of storytelling to your railroad whether prototype or freelance.

NMRA Members receive 5% off all orders.


It’s the first name in high quality modeling tools and accessories.

Mine Mount Models

Mine Mount Models is a fine-scale craftsman model kit company that strives to provide easy-to-assemble, timeless designs, that will enhance any model railroad or diorama scene.

NMRA Members receive a 10% discount on all products.


Miniprints produces craftsman-quality details 3D-printed for your model railroad layout.  Miniprints are offered in N, HO, S, and O scales.

NMRA members receive 15% off on regular-priced items. 

Model Train Catalogue

Model Train Catalogue (MTC) is designed for modelers to keep track and manage their valuable collection. Available on-line since July 2012, it has matured by input from its user base of modelers and collectors. Its fundamental design principal is to be adaptive to meet the needs of any collection giving as much control as possible over the way it is used to each individual user. A free demo is available at www.modeltraincatalogue.com where you can try out all of its features with a limit of ten items. Full Backup and Restore facilities are included and all data, photos and documentation can be backed up in one go.

Modelers Decals & Paint

Manufacturers of acrylic airbrush paints in a wide assortment of colors. The company also sells airbrush tools and supplies.

Motrak Models

Motrak Models offers a full line of hydrocal- and resin-based HO-scale coal and sand car loads, gravel and ballast loads, and retaining walls and bridges, as well as laser-cut structure kits.

MRC (Model Rectifier Corporation)

Producer of Prodigy DCC systems, as well as train controls and sound systems, plastic model kits, locomotives, and rolling stock.

Mudd Creek Models

Mudd Creek Models is a company dedicated to N-scale model railroad structures that also dabbles in HO-scale. The company produces N-scale models with the look and feel of a craftsman kit by providing tools and details like no other. With 25+ years as a model railroader designing and building all kinds of kits and scratch builds, they have the expertise to help you produce high-quality craftsman-level models for your model railroad or diorama. We want to be your source for N-scale and HO-scale craftsman kits. 

NMRA members will receive a 15% discount. 

New Creations Victorian Railroad Buildings

In the early 1990s, Alan, the owner, had an HO-scale Model Railroad layout. He wanted buildings that were unique and reminiscent of local Victorian architecture. So, he began visiting structures he wanted to duplicate. Alan took photos and created scale drawings of each structure. Today, the company produces scale copies of his original drawings in easy-to-build kits. Our O scale kits are also compatible with Holiday Village hobbyists.

NMRA Members will receive 10% off all orders. 

Nick and Nora Designs

Nick and Nora Designs offers a range of HO, N, and O scale structures and detail parts.  In addition, they carry a complete line of Tru-Color Paint, Sylvan HO vehicles, and a variety of glues and other hobby supplies.  They offer a 10% discount on a full purchase.


Regions, Divisions, 100% Clubs and individual members, please read the Discount Description found in the members-only section. There are numerous benefits in addition to a discount.

It all began around 35 years ago when Mr. Bruce William's first home was being built in 1972. During the construction work, there were many things that were left there by builders overnight. Mr. Bruce started erecting scenes in his basement with mud, sand and other types of materials. Workers returning the next morning would remove these miniature structures to continue their work, however, they became great admirers of his talent. With appreciation, they encouraged Mr. Bruce to continue his work and make a separate space for it. This resulted in a fourth addition to the basement of his Flemington area home. Impressed by the work, his friends persuaded him to host an annual train show for a local charity. This was a great success that soon led to open exhibits for the general public at the weekends. This later resulted in the world`s largest railroad miniature wonderland.

The coverage of national as well as international T.V channels including German, Swedish, and Japan, contributed to its growing popularity. Thus was born the idea for a year-round attraction. Today Northlandz is a 16-acre world-class attraction along with the art, music and doll displays. Doll museum, La Peep Doll House, a 2,000 pipe theatre pipe organ (which Bruce played) and art galleries throughout. There is also an 1890's replica narrow gauge steam train for the ride.

The building is reflective of the couple's lifelong commitment to art, expression, and creativity. Over the years, Northlandz has become one of the favorite destinations for people of all ages. Not only does it offer something unique for local tourists, but people from around the world also like to visit the place when they come to New Jersey.

NScaleWorks by Mike Holly

Besides manufacturing special and high-detailed N-Scale scenery parts and rolling stock detail parts, Mike is also an N-Scale Model Railroader. Therefore, he provides the highest quality possible for all parts designed and released.

Also, Mike offers custom-designed and printed decals. If you have a rough sketch or a prototype photo, he can use both to create your individual decals for your next custom project.

NMRA members receive a 10% discount on all listed items on the website and a 10% discount on all custom decal projects.

Old Depot Gallery

Robert (Bob) Frascella, the owner, has been working exclusively in soft pastels since 1997 focusing mainly on scenes that depict the glory years of American Railroading. Bob is self-taught and has not had any formal art instruction. His painting of "Old No. 8" was featured on the July/August 2004 cover of The Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette, a nationally circulated railroad theme periodical. His painting "Wildwood P-RSL Perfection" appeared on the cover of the Summer 2013 edition of The Keystone, the official publication of the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society. Bob accepts commissions and offers his current works for sale. In addition to originals, he also offers Giclee prints of his work on high-quality, heavy-weight paper suitable for framing.  All of his works are produced upon professional and museum-grade acid-free papers and are considered archival. Bob draws much of his inspiration from the noted railroad artist, Howard Fogg.  Howard's objective was to make the railroad fit the scene without overpowering it.  Bob subscribes to the same philosophy and believes that the scene should also tell a story. 

NMRA Members receive a 10% refund on all art prints with a minimum purchase of $50. Shipping costs will also be refunded on all US addresses. International orders will receive the discount and receive a $7 credit toward the actual shipping cost. 


Old West Scenery

Old West Scenery offers more than 60 complete N-scale ready buildups and scenery items. Our laser-printed buildings & scenery products draw inspiration from iconic Western towns. That is, there are lots of false-front buildings. All N-Scale products are 3D printed using the latest laser technology in a process called "Additive Manufacturing". This process allows us to produce complete buildings, ready to be painted and placed on your layout.

NMRA Members receive a 10% discount on all products.

R & J Details

R & J Details offers 3-D printed HO scale model railroad detail parts such as vending machines, room interior furniture, rooftop a/c vents, backyard accessories, trackside accessories, and flat car loads.

NMRA Members receive a 15% discount on all orders.

Ram Track

Ram Track manufactures electronic lighting systems, sound devices, control devices and plastic model lights most of which are adaptable to all scales N through G. All are made in the USA.


Manufacturer of unique model railroading electronic circuits, including LCC (Layout Command Control)products, Loco Buffer(a USB interface with Digitrax's LocoNet), and MotorMan (a driver for turnout motorization system).

Scale Model Plans

Traceable patterns, plans, and more for N, HO, OO, O, and other scale structures. Many scale plan sets come with ready-to-print cardstock versions in addition to the regular plans. 90 plans are currently available, as well as "how-to" tutorials.

NMRA Members receive a 20% discount.

Scale Railroad Models

Founded in 2019, Scale Railroad Models provides Prototypical and Historical Building Kits for HO and N Scale Model Railroaders. The founder has been a Model Railroader for his entire life, starting with a Tyco HO layout on an 8'x4' piece of plywood at the age of 6 with his older brother. After many visits to Model Train shows and home tours to look at how others had placed buildings and scenery, it became apparent that there was a distinct lack of diversity in the buildings that were being used on everybody's layouts.

Being a graphics software engineer and doing 3D graphics for about 30 years, it became obvious that in order to have a layout with buildings different than everybody else's, new designs would have to be constructed. With the purchase of a 3D printer and 3D CAD modeling software, the path became clear for a way to have buildings that were different than everybody else. Once the buildings started to "multiply" with buildings from other states, the question was asked: What if someone else wanted some of these different buildings for their layout? Scale Railroad Models' printers run around the clock making the building kits that are on their website. 

One of Scale Railroad Models' goals is to have one building from each of the 50 United States. We even give you the physical street address of the building if it is a current prototypical building. If we don't have it, we'll give you the latitude/longitude coordinates for the model, as in our drawbridge kit. Note: Historical kits don't exist anymore and as such we cannot supply the street address.

NMRA Members receive a 10% discount on all orders. 

Scenery Solutions

This company offers a wide range of commercial scenery materials including custom made trees and Fusion Fiber, a unique lightweight scenery base material containing a powder adhesive. Mixed with warm water and acrylic craft paint, it's easy to create a desired scenery base color.