Regional Subscription Information

Regional, Divisional Information and Subscription Rates.

There are many model railroading activities on the local level through the NMRA Regions and Divisions (determined by your postal or zip code). Your new member welcome packet will have information about your region. Many Regions will be in touch via a monthly New Member report. You may also initiate contact with the Region President to find out about model railroading activities in your area. Their names, contact, and e-mail information are provided in the front of NMRA Magazine.

If you already know the NMRA Region within which you live (your "Home" region), you may authorize us to add the additional Region Subscription fee to your Renewal or New Member Application at this time. If you live in the US or Canada and are not sure, click HERE to see a map of the US and Candian Regions.

(Note: Region boundaries and Divisions are determined by county and are assigned by the postal or zip codes for those counties to your member record. However, you may participate in Regions and Divisions other than your "Home" region if the proximity is more convenient, or you may Subscribe to multiple region newsletters if you want to be notified of other region activities for travel planning.)

To participate on the local level through Region and Divisions if you do NOT know your Home Region, please note in the comments section of the NMRA Membership and Renewal Application that you authorize an additional charge for the specific region you will be joining. Annual Region Subscriptions help pay for postage for newsletters and event announcements.

The Regions' Annual Subscription rates are listed below and are payable in US Funds. Out of region subscribers may be charged additional fees by the region.

  • Lone Star Region (LSR - #31) - No Subscription Fee
  • Midwest Region (MWR - #28) - $6.00
  • Mid-Central Region (MCR - #32) - No Subscription Fee
  • Mid-Continent Region (McoR - #29) - No Subscription Fee
  • Mid-Eastern Region (MER - #30) - No Subscription Fee
  • Niagara Frontier Region (NFR-#22) - No Subscription Fee
  • North Central Region (NCR - #23) - $15.00
  • Northeastern Region (NER- #21) - $12.00
  • Pacific Coast Region (PCR - #26) - $8.00
  • Pacific Northwest Region (PNR - #25) - No Subscription Fee
  • Pacific Southwest Region (PSR - #37) - No Subscription Fee
  • Rocky Mountain Region (RMR - #27) - No Subscription Fee
  • Southeastern Region (SER - #33) - $10.00
  • Sunshine Region (SSR - #36) - $12.00
  • Thousand Lakes Region (TLR - #24) - No Subscription Fee

If you have any questions, please contact our Administrative Department using your favorite mode at the addresses and phone numbers above.

If you would rather print out a form and mail it in, Click Here for New Member Form or Click here for Renewal Form. These forms are in PDF format.