Regions and Divisions

The NMRA's Districts (see image below) are divided into 17 Regions which cover the United States, Australasia, Canada, and the British Isles now including Europe. There are other NMRA organizations in the rest of the world. Each of the 15 Regions which cover the United States and Canada are made up of, with one exception, two or more adjoining states/provinces or parts of states. The NMRA Regions elect officers and publish newsletters. Each Region holds one or more conventions each year, usually two-day affairs on weekends, making it easy for members to attend.

NMRA District Map

Members have prepared a downloadable Regions & Divisions Handbook, containing ideas and assistance in running and maintaining a Region or Division, as well as a Division Superintendent's Handbook to assist Division officers in understanding what is involved at the Division level. These living documents provide insights into the activities possible at all levels of the NMRA organization.

For those living in North America, please check the map to find out which Region you are in. All regions, including other parts of the world, are listed in the area below the map, which include direct links to the Region information.

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The Regions are further divided into Divisions, which also have officers and publish newsletters.  Most Divisions hold one or more events each year.  The smaller size of Divisions makes it even easier for members to attend these events.  Consult the President of your Region or the NMRA Headquarters office to find out your Division and the name and phone number of its Superintendent.  Many (but not all) Division meets are announced in the NMRA Bulletin.

Note to NMRA Region and Division officers: For changes in officers, please secy [at] (subject: Officer%20update) (email the NMRA Secretary).  For all other updates to the information below, especially Email addresses and URLs for Region/Division pages, web [at] (subject: Change%20to%20Region%20page%20information) (please email the NMRA web team).  Also let us know to add links to online Division Newsletters, please.  States noted with an '*' indicates that the whole state is not included in the Region.

Click on the short-cuts below to jump to a Region's information on this page:

Australasian Region (AR 3800)

President: Duncan Cabassi
Mobile: 0424 844 807
Address: 39 Edenbrooke Drive,
Sinnamon Park, QLD, 4073,

Email: aarprez [at] (subject: Mail%20from%20NMRA%20website) (Australasian Region President)

  • 3801 Div 1 Queensland
  • 3802 Div 2 Australian Capital Territory
  • 3803 Div 3 Victoria
  • 3804 Div 4 Western Australia
  • 3805 Div 5 New Zealand
  • 3806 Div 6 South Australia
  • 3807 Div 7 New South Wales
  • 3808 Div 8 North Rivers
  • 3809 Div 9 Mid North Coast
  • 3810 Div 10 Tasmania

British Region (BR 3400)

President Jonathan Small, MMR®
Vyner Road North
Bidston Hill
CH43 7PZ
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)7976 636592

brprez [at] (subject: Message%20from%20NMRA%20web%20site) (British Region President)

  • 3401 Cyder Belt Division (Hereford & Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Avon, Wilts, Somerset)
  • 3402 Calder Northern Division (Cheshire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Lancs, Cumbria, Isle of Man)
  • 3403 North East Division (Yorks, Cleveland, Durham, Tyne & Wear, Northumberland)
  • 3404 East Midlands Division (Leics, Derby, Notts, Rutland, Lincs)
  • 3405 Central Division (Shropshire, Staffs, West Midlands, Warkwickshire, Northants)
  • 3406 Eastern Division (Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambs, Essex, Herts)
  • 3407 Thames Valley & Chilterns Division (Beds, Bucks, Berks, Oxon)
  • 3408 London Division (London and former county of Middlesex)
  • 3409 South Eastern Division (Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey)
  • 3410 Western Union Division (Devon, Cornwall)
  • 3411 Red Dragons (Wales)
  • 3412 Scotland & Ireland Division (Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland)
  • 3413 D & H Division (Dorset, Hampshire, Isle of Wight)

Lone Star Region (LSR 3100)

President: Donna Orr
2625 Rolling Meadows Dr., Rockwall, Texas 75087
Cell Phone: (972) 342-8598
Email: lsrprez [at] (subject: Mail%20from%20NMRA%20website) (Lone Star Region President)




Mid-continent Region (MCoR 2900)

President: Brad Slone, MMR®
PO Box 313,
Dixon Missouri 65459
Phone: (home) (573) 308-7144
Email: MCORPrez [at] (subject: Mail%20from%20NMRA%20website) (Mid-Continent Region President)



Mid-Eastern Region (MER 3000)

President: Scott Unger
115 S 22nd Street
Allentown, PA 18104-6400
Phone: (610) 462-0756
Email: MERPrez [at] (subject: Mail%20from%20NMRA%20website) (Mid Eastern Region President)




Midwest Region (MWR 2800)

President: Bob McGeever
309 W Randolph St.
Stoughton WI. 53589
Phone: (608) 873-4529

Email: MWRPrez [at] (subject: Mail%20from%20NMRA%20website) (Mid Western Region President)



Niagara Frontier Region (NFR 2200)

President: Gerald Arends
165 Eighth Ave
Kitchener, ON N2C 1S5
Phone: (226) 476-1801
Email: NFRPREZ [at] (subject: Mail%20from%20NMRA%20website) (Niagra Frontier Region President)




NMRA Canada

President: Ed Molenkamp
Edmonton, Alberta T5M 2M9
Home: (780) 455-1479
Cell: (780) 886-8116
Email: PRESCA [at] (subject: Mail%20from%20NMRA%20website) (Canada District President)

Canadian Director: John Bate
Email: candir [at] (subject: Mail%20from%20NMRA%20website) (Canada Director)

North Central Region (NCR 2300)

President: Richard (Rich) Mahaney
316 Arnstrom Drive
PO Box 265
Gobles, MI  49055
Ph: (269) 214-4221
Email: NCRPrez [at] (subject: Mail%20from%20NMRA%20website) (North Central Region President)




Northeastern Region (NER 2100)

President: Ed O'Rourke, MMR®
5193 Pointe East Drive
Jamesville, NY 13078
Phone: (315) 247-0494
Email: NERPREZ [at] (subject: Mail%20from%20NMRA%20website) (Northeastern Region President)



Other NMRA Organizations

Pacific Coast Region (PCR 2600)

President: Frank Markovich, MMR®
1904 Chula Vista Dr.
Belmont, CA 94002-3622
Tel: (408) 505-2727
Email: PCRPREZ [at] (subject: Mail%20from%20NMRA%20website) (Pacific Coast Region President)




Pacific Northwest Region (PNR 2500)

President: Jeff Herrmann
PO Box 1012

Rathdrum, ID 83858
Phone:  (714) 651-3903
Email: pnrprez [at] (subject: Mail%20from%20NMRA%20website) (Pacific Northwest Region President)




Pacific Southwest Region (PSR 3700)

President: Pat Raymer
La Crescenta, CA  91214
Ph: (818) 957-7351
PSRPREZ [at] (subject: Mail%20from%20NMRA%20website) (Pacific Southwest Region President)



The Los Angeles Division includes Ventura and Palmdale to the North, and Claremont to the East. The Cajon Division includes the chinook side of the Sierras; Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties in CA; and Southern Nevada (Las Vegas). San Diego covers the most Southern part of CA from the coast to the Colorado River. Arizona Division covers the State of Arizona. The area includes the lowest elevation in the US (- 248 feet MSL) and some of the highest in the 48 states. Mountains and deserts are the common scenes in the undeveloped areas.

Rocky Mountain Region (RMR 2700)

President: Lowell Didas
4894 S. Forest Circle, Taylorsville, UT 84129
Ph: (801) 759-7829
Email: RMRPREZ [at] (subject: Mail%20from%20NMRA%20website) (Rocky Mountain Region President)




Southeastern Region (SER 3300)

President: Roy Masterson
3502 Glendon Dr, Chattanooga, TN  37411-4114
H: (423) 227-0334
Email: SERPrez [at] (subject: Mail%20from%20NMRA%20website) (Southeastern Region President)



Sunshine Region (SSR 3600)

President: Andy J. Zimmerman
Tallahassee, FL  32309
Ph: (850) 524-4399
Email: SSRPrez [at] (subject: Mail%20from%20NMRA%20website) (Sunshine Region President)



Thousand Lakes Region (TLR 2400)

Art Suel
14500 Alabama Ave
Savage MN 55378

Email: TLRPrez [at] (subject: Mail%20from%20NMRA%20website) (Thousand Lakes Region President)